Perma-pile system

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Many people you know have probably had expensive and unhappy experiences with conventional foundation repairs.  In response to these problems, research began to develop a repair system that would:

*Minimize dependence on exact knowledge of the soil

*Balance the exact load to be applied to the piling

*Allow more tolerance in installation procedures

The Perma-Pile system answers the problems in the repair of the light loaded, shallow foundation installed under most types of home construction. This system continues to be the standard of the industry, especially on the Gulf Coast.

Other advantages to this system include:

*No heavy machinery that could damage your lawn

*Minimal disturbance to your existing landscaping

*No waiting for concrete to cure

*It's quick, clean, efficient and best of all permanent!

We take extra measures to return the property to its original appearance.  Plants that were removed are returned to the landscape, exterior mortar cracks are repaired and sidewalks, driveways and porches are cleaned to the customers satisfaction.

 You can rest assured that we will fix your foundation right the first time!